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Company profile

Rampa Construction was launched with modest means but was swiftly recognized in the construction field by reaching an impressive level of expertise at a very fast pace.

Over the years, Rampa Construction never ceased to expand, consequently acquiring a reputation which speaks for itself. A great amount of time and dynamic effort has been invested into the growth of Rampa Construction enabling it to become an enterprise reputable in the commercial, industrial, institutional and multiple dwelling residential disciplines. This includes renovation, expansion and new construction sectors.

The multidisciplinary workforce of Rampa Construction strives toward a better understanding of current and future client requirements, consequently better preparing ourselves to respond to your mandates. Upon engaging our services, our clients are remunerated with the realization of their projects within their projected budget and timeline.

Our team of specialists will always respect and honour the forecasted time allotted for their projects. With more than twenty years of experience in the construction industry, Rampa Construction will complete your project while offering you a choice in the contractual, turn-key or cost-plus areas.

Rampa Construction is privileged to have a competent and dynamic team of specialists who will strive to work with the clients’ best interest in mind. Furthermore, Rampa Construction consists of the following consulting departments in order to respond to all of our clients requests: Administration, Project Management, Construction, Estimation and finally the Customer Service Department.

Rampa Construction’s President, Martin Dubois and his team stand by to survey all the operations being conducted, as well as to ascertain the commitment of excellence promised to our clients.

An industrious group of professionals form our Project Management Team, ranging from Architect to Engineer, assuring a constant supervision of our mandate. Rampa Construction will remain in close contact with their clients in order to maintain a constant summary of the project in force. Due to our highly qualified engineering department, we pride ourselves in our efficiency to expedite any obstacles that may occur during the completion of our mandate.

Rampa Construction also invests in maintaining a production department. This team specializes in all disciplines of the construction industry. Their task is to supervise the work in progress, ensuring that everything, to the very last detail, is done accordingly with plans and specifications. Furthermore, our Appraisal Department is responsible for the tendering process, working closely with the Project Manager in order to obtain the best economical solutions, while being the most efficient to all parties concerned.

Rampa Construction’s Service Department is dedicated to our client’s full satisfaction, guaranteeing the absolute final result. Rampa Construction is well aware that in order to succeed, deliverance of TOTAL QUALITY AND SERVICE is required to maintain our client’s satisfaction.

We, at Rampa Construction wish to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for this introduction and sincerely hope that we will have the pleasure to add your name as one more satisfied customer to our list of realisations.