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Type of mandates




We can, based on the formula of plans and specifications prepared by professionals, act in the traditional role of a general contractor and submit proposals or bids on a wide variety and a wide range of works. We also execute projects obtained through public tenders.




Under this very interesting formula, the client who wishes to combine design and construction, with a guaranteed budget and a tight schedule, is without question the ideal solution. RAMPA CONSTRUCTION, with its multidisciplinary team, offers a total approach.


The time normally required for the entire production process is thus considerably reduced, ensuring significant savings. In addition, our client only needs to transact with one firm throughout the project, which reduces the risk of errors. In this way, we keep him constantly informed of each important stage of the project, with direct, rapid, personal and privileged communication.


This concept allows you to adequately analyze your needs and, in addition, our designs are designed to adapt to future changes in your business.




It is possible to be mandated under the supervision of the client and to act as manager to supervise and coordinate all the construction activities that a project requires. Our services are offered on a cost basis plus a fixed percentage (“cost plus”) or on a fixed rate basis with a guaranteed ceiling (management).


RAMPA CONSTRUCTION then assumes full responsibility for carrying out the work as a whole.




RAMPA CONSTRUCTION can provide a wide range of technical services or consultations on an hourly basis or at a fixed rate. These services are offered to developers, owners, engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, financial institutions, and all other stakeholders.